Trustmark, an employee benefits provider, has formed a partnership with Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley-based insurtech innovation platform, to drive disruptive solutions within the employee benefits and health space.


Image: Trustmark partners with Plug and Play. Photo: Courtesy of Caspar Camille Rubin/Unsplash.

Based in Illinois, Trustmark specializes in voluntary benefits, self-funded health benefits, and health, fitness management and payroll-deducted voluntary products.

The company serves organizations of all sizes with focus on providing middle market employees with products, services and capabilities usually reserved for large employers.

Trustmark president and CEO Kevin Slawin said: “This partnership with Plug and Play will help us better anticipate the competitive forces that will shape our businesses going forward.

“At a time of increasing change and disruption, Plug and Play’s focus on Insurtech, employee benefits, and health innovation will introduce us to technology startup partners that can potentially accelerate our strategies to further differentiate Trustmark in the marketplace.”

Trustmark chief information officer Brad Bodell said: “Trustmark is committed to innovation and finding additional solutions to benefit our clients and stakeholders. This partnership will help Trustmark improve its speed to market, enhance our digital capabilities and help us create a technology-enabled, competitive advantage.”

Plug and Play is an innovation platform, with built-in accelerator programs, corporate innovation services and an in-house venture capital to support technological advancements progress faster.

Since its launch in 2006, Plug and Play has expanded to more than 20 locations globally, supporting startups with required resources to succeed.

Plug and Play founder and CEO Saeed Amidi said: “We leverage the most innovative technologies from health, insurance, and more than ten other industries to help our partners transform their digital strategy. We are excited to partner with Trustmark and drive disruptive solutions within the employee benefits and health space.”