Trustmark Insurance, a subsidiary of Trustmark Mutual Holding, has introduced a new patent-pending critical illness insurance product, designed to benefit consumers, brokers and employers.


The new Trustmark Critical LifeEvents product has been developed based on three years of consumer research carried out by an outside market research firm.

Trustmark sales and marketing vice-president Dan Johnson said: "This was developed 100 percent from consumer feedback, and contains product features that have never before been introduced in the critical illness insurance marketplace.

"We learned from our research that essentially the products of today were not meeting the needs of consumers. It was an eye-opening experience, and we knew we had to make some big changes."

The new product provides more benefits for early identification and early stage diagnosis, in addition to offering multiple benefits as disease progresses.

Through offering a replenishing annual benefit and eliminating separation periods between illnesses, the new illness product avoids the confusion of consumers.

Critical LifeEvents also provides caregiver benefits that include the resources of a second opinion service and preventive benefits to encourage policyholders to stay healthy.

In addition, it offers affordable options for conditions such as heart attack, cancer and stroke and protection for conditions, including complications of diabetes and central nervous infections.

Trustmark product management assistant vice-president Julie Pohjola said: "It was time to build a product that consumers can use throughout their lifetime, and not just when they are seriously ill."

Image: Trustmark Insurance has launched new critical illness insurance product. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles/