Sapiens International Corporation has strengthened partnership with a tier-1 South African bank, marking a continued presence in the region.


Image: A South African Bank selects Sapiens solution. Photo: Courtesy of Stuart Miles/

The existing client selected Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty to enable them to support formidable challenges and increased demands from customers and clients seeking digitised experiences.

Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty was selected for the high quality of its offering and history of successful implementation. The suite is a component-based, standalone software solution that offers policy, billing and claims forms. This pre-integrated, fully digital suite was designed with growth and change in mind and offers a flexible, user-friendly workflow interface. The additional Sapiens platform will provide the bank with the ability to support all current clients’ needs, including line of business and commercial policies.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to continue increasing our operations and services in South Africa,” said Roni Al-Dor, Sapiens’ president and CEO. “We’ve fostered a great partnership with a leading South African bank and it’s always rewarding when an existing client expands the use of our system. The adoption of IDITSuite for P&C will maximize our joint investment and technology efforts.”

The financial institution made the decision after a comprehensive review of multiple vendors and successful completion of the RFP, PoC and product demo processes. Sapiens has recently increased its investment in the market by establishing a head office in Sandton, South Africa.

Source: Company Press Release