Slovakia-based insurance company Novis has adopted IBM Cloud to continue global expansion while providing their customers with new digital, omni channel solutions.


Image: European insurance company Novis to use IBM Cloud for international expansion. Photo: Courtesy of Photo: Courtesy of Markus Spiske/Unsplash

The move will allow the insurer to streamline business processes and gain efficiencies with innovation in a secured environment.

Novis is focused on providing innovative services to its clients. The company’s includes more than 25 insurance offerings, that were not available in the market earlier.

The company organized those offerings into five pillars represented in its Pentagon of Innovations, including new forms of savings, wide insurance coverage, new methods of using capital, expanded flexibility and liquidity.

Novis searched for flexible IT infrastructure models when it started expansion across European markets.

To expand internationally and to offer its services across the world, the insurance company needed a reliable, flexible and secured cloud infrastructure to grow its businesses. And, it has moved into IBM Cloud with VMware virtualization – all used as a service.

Novis Insurance Company general manager Siegfried Fatzi said: “For us as an innovative insurance company, cloud computing offers the potential for significant improvements. It helps us transform and optimize operations, improve governance and transparency, and expand business agility and capability.

“At the same time, we wanted to run our enterprise systems in a cloud environment with no increase of the cost if our cloud consumption is constant and unmodified. When we compared the performance of our enterprise systems on cloud services from several providers, the IBM Cloud came out on top.”

Novis’ IT systems are running on IBM Cloud in all branches across ten countries in Europe.

Presently, Novis operates in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Finland. Last year, it started operations in Italy and in the beginning of this year, it began operations in Sweden and Iceland.

IBM Cloud is accelerating digital transformation across the global insurance industry by providing a secured platform for creating new business value through services such as analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain.