National Life Group has extended its business partnership with IT firm Cognizant as the IT giant has supported the insurer in creating a digital self-serve customer experience.

National Life

Image: Cognizant’s Indian headquarters in Chennai. Photo: Courtesy of Cognizant Technology Solution/

Furthermore, the extension of partnership with Cognizant has helped National Life to securely and conveniently conduct business anywhere and from any device.

Launched in 2017, National Life’s ‘Customer Experience Program’ was aimed at creating a seamless experience for customers and the employees

A team comprising of National Life and Cognizant was created to come up with new ways for employees and customers to securely check account balances, make payments and conduct other transactions online or through mobile devices.

Cognizant insurance senior vice president Ben Bengtson said: “Investment in digital and mobile-first products is an essential step to compete for new business and maintain an existing customer base that expects convenience, security and innovative products.

“Today’s policy holders, agents and even employees expect high levels of sophistication in the tools with which they conduct business.

“Together, Cognizant and National Life will design and build out experience-led solutions that drive business efficiencies while creating value, and delivering peace of mind for National Life’s customers.”

Cognizant stated that till now its consultants have supported National Life to better understand the competitive landscape, define customer habits and create a roadmap for the insurance business’ digital strategy.

Initially, Cognizant helped in the development of private customer portal and new native mobile app. The first tools were launched last June and continue to be developed and refined.

Since the implementation, it is claimed that the company has seen a monthly increase of 260% in self-service transactions and 117% increase in monthly customer visits, compared to its legacy infrastructure.

National Life chairman, CEO and president Mehran Assadi said: “Our experience working with Cognizant has demonstrated a journey of opportunity and success. For 170 years, our cause has been to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch and to keep our promises.

“We know that 21st century customers expect convenience. That’s what we’ve introduced, and it’s a perfect fit with our values to do good, be good and make good.”