National Online Registries (NOR) has unveiled several enhancements to its Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo) application designed to reduce errors and improve efficiency for its insurance and state agency users.


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MCInfo helps companies submit motor carrier insurance documentation to state regulatory agencies online. This is the latest round of upgrades for the system, building on the improvement process initiated with a full website redesign earlier this year.

NOR general manager Laura Johnson said: “After we completed the new website, we asked our users how we could further improve their experience.

“The latest version of MCInfo responds to their suggestions. We focused on items that would improve the usability of the website and make the motor carrier insurance filing process quicker and easier, with less opportunity for error.”

Motor carrier insurers can expect a more streamlined experience that makes important documentation easier to find, allows for easier submission to multiple states simultaneously, and adds a chat feature to help users quickly find answers to common questions.

The latest release also includes enhancements benefitting state agencies. MCInfo’s web service platform, which integrates filings directly with the state’s database, has expanded record retention options by allowing users to save documents in PDF format. At the request of Indiana Department of Revenue and the Kansas Corporation Commission, forms filed with these states now require users to submit DOT numbers with each submission for processing, reducing rejections and improving efficiency.

Indiana Department of Revenue Motor Carrier Services Division Supervisor Sandy Bowling said: “We’re excited about the change. Making US DOT number a required field for motor carrier insurance forms filed through MCInfo will improve filing accuracy and reduce unnecessary rejections.”

Source: Company Press Release.