Hiscox, a Bermuda-based insurance provider, has selected Hi Marley’s intelligent messaging solution to communicate effectively with customers.


Image: Hi Marley to provide intelligent messaging solution to Hiscox. Photo: Courtesy of Photo: Courtesy of William Iven/Unsplash.

Hi Marley will enable Hiscox’s customers to communicate via text, share photos and documents, receive proactive updates on claims and can get real-time answers to questions through artificial intelligence.

With this solution, Hiscox says that its customers can communicate at their convenience and get their claims resolved quickly.

Hiscox USA claims vice president Jeremy Catlin said: “Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners who are inspired to take risks. When the unexpected happens, we need to move quickly to handle their insurance claims and minimize the disruption to their businesses.

“The Marley platform will help us deliver on our commitment to outstanding customer service, providing a customer-centric claims process that is simple and efficient.”

Marley is a conversation service platform that can connect insurance companies with customers through intelligent messaging to make the experience easy and efficient. The company claims that it is the first intelligent conversation platform specifically built for the insurance industry.

The messaging solution has been built for the insurance industry, supported by industry-specific artificial intelligence (AI) and functionality. The platform has flexible APIs which are claimed to need zero integration for getting started, Hi Marley stated.

Insurance companies can also use Hi Marley’s web application or APIs to build strong connections with their customers through messaging. The insurance-specific AI can proactively respond to customers and gives responses to routine questions.

Hi Marley CEO Michael Greene said: “Hiscox is known for being one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the insurance industry, and is an ideal partner for our product’s cutting-edge capabilities. We love their vision of encouraging courage, which is right in line with our core values.

“We are thrilled to offer our services to help them do what they do best – take care of the people who count on them.”