The loyalty programme offered by Greater Than will reward auto insurance customers, based on their safe driving

Greater Than

Swedish insurtech launches new loyalty programme for auto customers. (Credit: Greater Than.)

Sweden-based insurtech firm Greater Than has launched a new cloud-based loyalty programme, Enerfy Loyalty, for auto insurance customers.

The loyalty programme is part of its AI expansion and it is expected that the programme’s simplicity can help in applying it on an existing customer base without the need for any policy change or IT integration.

The programme can be useful for companies that run loyalty programmes for insurance companies and fleets who want to improve their loss ration by rewarding customers who drive more safely.

The insurtech firm said that Enerfy Loyalty is an easy tool for retaining customers who drive safely and it can be applied to an existing customer base. The connection of new members takes place entirely through the app2car solution without the need for any external hardware.

A user can simply download the app and start collecting points

An end-user can download the app and start collecting points after just one click. A simple connection makes the Enerfy Loyalty programme an ideal CRM tool to attract new customers while providing instant risk analysis for each connected user.

Greater Than CEO Liselott Johansson said: “With our advanced AI and dynamic solutions, we want to improve our customers’ business while adding a new, fun way of driving.

“With Enerfy Loyalty, we do this by giving our customers better insight into where the risk is at the same time opening up the opportunity to reward good drivers.

“Enerfy Loyalty fits all insurance companies, car manufacturers, and fleets who want to interact with their end-users and customers to reward them when they drive well, safely and environmentally friendly.”

In April this year, Greater Than launched customised AI-based solutions for electric vehicles and hybrids, broadening its offering for auto insurance, fleet, and OEMs.

The customised solution covers all types of cars, auto insurers, fleets and car manufacturers and is expected to have immense flexibility with their policies and offerings.