A new chatbot feature has been added to the Swiss insurer’s cyber risk assessment platform for businesses as well


Chubb Cyber Index offers provides ransomware risk assessments among other features for businesses. (Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Chubb said that it has improved its Chubb Cyber Index with new functionality and business insights to help organisations analyse and assess their cyber exposures to reduce risk.

According to the Swiss insurer, users can now access total incident costs based on industry and revenue size, peer purchasing insights, assessments of ransomware risks, trends, and also year-over-year risk information.

Apart from that, the updated Chubb Cyber Index enables users to get answers to their questions with its new chatbot called Clara the Coder.

The Swiss insurance group said that the platform adds relevant and downloadable risk reports for each industry group. These include a library of whitepapers, videos, along with other research materials.

Overall, the new updates of the cyber risk assessment platform are said to give a quantifiable and detailed means to users of immediately detecting cyber exposures that can affect their operations.

Chubb senior vice president Bobbie Goldie said: “Since first launching in 2018, this award-winning tool has given commercial clients access to the latest data on current and historical cyber threats.

“By adding more robust risk analysis features, we are now able to offer businesses, as well as insurance agents and brokers, deeper insights into cyber exposures and how to protect against future losses.”

Chubb Cyber Index is updated monthly twice

The Chubb Cyber Index is said to update monthly twice to provide its users with the most current data apart from key intelligence. This is particularly important as businesses are facing new cyber uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic and other emerging threats, said the Swiss insurance company.

By giving this type of information to organisations, the insurer expects them to get a better perspective of how to shield themselves against cyber risks that are constantly evolving.

Earlier this week, Chubb reported a 9.4% growth in its net income for the third quarter of 2020 at $1.2bn compared to $1bn in Q3 2019. Its core operating income in Q3 2020 was $907m, compared to $1.23bn in the same quarter of last year.