Amica Mutual Insurance Company has selected QA Consultants to verify the quality of its Guidewire Cloud migration


Image: Amica Mutual Insurance selects QA Consultants. Photo: Courtesy of Zsolt Oravecz/Pixabay

Amica Mutual Insurance Company, the nation’s oldest mutual insurer of automobiles, and QA Consultants, Inc., North America’s largest provider of dedicated QA services, announced today, that Amica has selected QA Consultants and their TestFactory services to manage and verify the quality of Amica’s Guidewire Cloud migration. Having worked with QA Consultants as part of the ongoing application support and maintenance quality assurance activities for Amica’s current Guidewire and Salesforce platforms, Amica has chosen to expand that relationship to support this industry leading upgrade. Partnering with QA Consultants on this initiative is a continuation of shared best practices and an onshore delivery model that has proven to be efficient, low cost, and high value.

In keeping with the 25-year history of innovating in software quality assurance, QA Consultants has created a dedicated team for Amica and this program. The team will operate from QA Consultants’ Toronto QA Center of Excellence (COE), a dedicated QA space to serve North America. This relationship is based on trust, experience, and insurance domain knowledge.

“We have chosen to work with, and continue to work with, QA Consultants for many reasons. They are experts at selecting experienced talent that meets our requirements, growing with us and our needs, and understanding the value of quality over testing. They have consistently delivered for our teams, built trust with our QA professionals and business representatives, and have put skin in the game to make this a mutual success,” said Michael Bebko, Quality Assurance Section Manager in Amica’s Corporate Information Systems Department.

Brian Bernknopf, QA Consultants’ Managing Director said, “We are incredibly humbled and delighted to have been chosen as Amica’s partner for this program. Our model is focused on increasing the value our customers receive through an onshore delivery program while maintaining competitive costs versus other global delivery models. Amica is the leader for customer satisfaction and we understand the impact these programs have on their policyholders, the criticality that these systems perform as desired, and the importance of having a financial model that returns value.”

QA Consultants will be implementing a number of quality assurance activities for this program including a heavy focus on automated testing, performance testing, automated rate validation, and data management.

The program will occur under a multi-year arrangement.

Source: Company Press Release