Simplicity Group has completed the acquisition of AssetLock an investment and retirement account communication technology firm.


Image: Simplicity completes AssetLock’s acquisition. Photo: Courtesy of adamr/

Simplicity has appointed AssetLock’s founder, Jason Jenkins, as a new partner. In addition to assisting advisors enhance their business with AssetLock, Mr. Jenkins will also serve as Executive Vice President of Marketing at the Simplicity Group Holdings level.

Simplicity CEO Bruce Donaldson said: “Our vision is to become the premier financial institution that supports independent financial advisors in executing their commitments to their clients and achieving their professional goals.

“We believe that AssetLock coupled with Jenkins’ leadership will advance our organization in delivering this vision.”

Simplicity acquired AssetLock for its extensive communication abilities and marketing influence. The software and app were designed to meet the needs of the independent advisor while satisfying the demands of investor clients. Through AssetLock, advisors are able to improve client retention by streamlining important account communications – working to keep the advisor top-of-mind.

AssetLock-Equipped Advisors also receive access to field-tested lead generation strategies and marketing resources. Finally, through the app, clients can utilize an innovative referral feature that allows them to easily send new business to the advisor, while allowing the advisor to track the referral and referral source through their AssetLock dashboard.

Donaldson said: “We’ve seen AssetLock completely transform an advisor’s practice in a matter of a few months, specifically in the area of new business acquisition – we just had to have that for our advisor network.”

The AssetLock transaction marks another milestone for Simplicity as the 10th organization to join the Simplicity group. Through acquisition and partnership of financial technology companies and top insurance distribution organizations, Simplicity seeks to provide sophisticated business solutions that will attract the industry’s best in leadership, talent, advisors, and future partners. Simplicity will continue to add new businesses to its platform over the coming years.

AssetLock founder Jason Jenkins said: “Partnering with Simplicity was an easy decision. I believe in the organization’s mission and leadership, and I have confidence that AssetLock will play a key role in making Simplicity the leading financial institution in the independent space.”

Source: Company Press Release