No-code cloud platform and pre-packaged product implementation offers speed to market with a full suite of operational capabilities


Image: Guidewire launches new insurance product. Photo: Courtesy of simplu27/Pixabay.

Guidewire Software, a software provider for insurance, has launched InsuranceNow GO, an out-of-the-box, no-code cloud deployment offering for its InsuranceNow customers.

InsuranceNow GO is claimed to bring together Guidewire’s expertise in product and P&C consulting for faster implementation of delivering a full suite of operational business capabilities.

The company’s InsuranceNow GO’s capabilities are expected to save time and resources for insurers, as they transform to modern technology platform and are replacing their legacy systems and processes.

The product will be available in the US for homeowners and personal auto lines of business with additional lines in development.

Claimed to be ideal for insurers who are eager to find alternatives, Guidewire InsuranceNow GO users can leverage industry best practices and reduce internal resource dependencies on extended core system transformation.

InsuranceNow Go could help reduce costs, while achieving speed-to-market goals

With InsuranceNow GO, personal auto or homeowners insurance services can deliver a full-suite implementation in six months.

The product can help in strategically using the insurer business resources so that they remain focused on their business during the transformation.

It also offers a no-code platform and ease of upgrade to reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment on Guidewire’s cloud InsuranceNow platform.

It also has the ability to add optional functionalities as and when needed.

Guidewire Software InsuranceNow general manager Zachary Gustafson said: “This is an exciting option for our InsuranceNow customers, combining product, services, and cloud operations into a well-defined and comprehensive offering.

“We are committed to continually reducing the cost and time required to implement and maintain our products, and this offering is an excellent step in that direction.

“InsuranceNow GO leverages best practices we have gleaned from more than 15 years of core system implementations, is built on our SurePath methodology, and provides a compelling offering for P&C insurers looking to hit the ground running quickly.”

Guidewire announced that MirrorMe, a mobile claim reporting solution provider, has joined its PartnerConnect as a solution partner.

As part of the partnership, MirrorMe will bring its new Ready for Guidewire validated add-on to Guidewire Marketplace.

MirrorMe’s Ready for Guidewire add-on for visual claim reporting offers insurers on Guidewire ClaimCenter to visually inspect damage claims remotely using MirrorMe Web Vision. Its integration delivers access to an app-free solution to capture photos, scan documents and live video, adding visibility to the claim and its supporting documentation at every stage.