On July 6, Denver-based start-up GloveBox announced the launch of its new app for iOS mobile devices.


Image: GloveBox launches new mobile app. Photo: Courtesy of GloveBox LLC.

Named after the company, the mobile app aggregates insurance documents, regardless of carrier, in one centralized location for easy policy document access.

Oftentimes faced with complicated portals, consumers are frustrated and confused on how and where to access their basic insurance information. Likewise, agencies spend far too much time and money assisting with the resulting customer service requests that do not generate revenue. GloveBox aims to simplify policy access for the consumer and alleviate mundane service tasks for agencies, allowing them to focus on their bottom line.

“Our goal is to not only create a unified policy holder experience inclusive of all carriers for the consumer, but also to take care of our agency owners and carriers,” said Ryan Mathisen, co-founder and CEO. “By offering a simplified process and a positive client experience, GloveBox can help increase both revenue and client retention all while eliminating the requirement for additional staffing to help with those Tier 1 service tasks.”

The GloveBox App will initially allow policy holders to access auto identification cards and copies of policies, followed by features to pay a bill, initiate a claim, check auto telematics, endorse policy and more. The focus will be on property and casualty policies including home, auto, umbrella, RV, motorcycle, etc. GloveBox intends to seek connections to life and health insurance, as well as, the possibility for car registration and driver’s license in the future.

With a combined 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, the GloveBox team has found themselves at the epicenter between carriers, policy holders and agencies.

“We have grown up together, both in life and the insurance business,” said Drew Lewellyn, co-founder and chief technology officer. “Our team has a vast understanding of what policy holders want from their insurance carriers and what carriers and agencies need to be successful. We think GloveBox will be a game changing technology for the insurance industry and are inspired by what’s to come.”

GloveBox is now available for download through the iOS app store and will be available for Android users in the coming months.

Source: Company Press Release