Percy offers risk management solutions to clients, including unique personal risk-assessment and monitoring tool powered by DynaRisk


Costero, Delta partner on PerCy. (Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay.)

London-based private brokerage firm Costero has partnered with New Zealand-based Delta Insurance Group to distribute the latter’s personal cyber insurance product, dubbed PerCy.

The partnership is aimed at marketing and distributing Delta’s PerCy outside the Asia-Pacific territory, with an initial emphasis on the UK and the European markets.

Percy offers risk management solutions to clients, including unique personal risk-assessment and monitoring tool powered by DynaRisk.

Percy to offer protection against ransomware and data loss

Also, the product is said to offer wide protection for individuals against cyber-risks including ransomware and data loss.

Costero executive vice president Jamie Webb said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to revise traditional working habits and now the majority of employees are either working from home or remote working.

“This has led to a vastly increased amount of crucial data being saved and stored on home devices which needs protecting.

“It is asking questions of gaps in commercial and personal lines cyber policies like never before and PerCy helps solve those issues.

“According to cybersecurity company InPhySec, globally, ‘around 64% workers are now remote, a 148% increase with the pandemic, and there’s been an almost 100% increase in the personal use of managed devices.”

Delta said that PerCy provides a one-stop solution that can be accessed through an integrated customer portal, backed by NewZealand-based insurtech firm Sentro.

Sentro is said to provide clients with access to unique personal risk-assessment and monitoring tool powered by DynaRisk, and general insurance policy administration.

Delta Insurance Group co-founder Ian Pollard said:  “The agreement with Costero marks another step forward in Delta’s alliance with the specialist UK brokerage.

“We’ve been working closely with Prospect [now Costero] for some years and a number of our niche insurance products, such as our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones insurance, have arisen from our association with the company, while Costero has also played a significant role more recently in helping us develop PerCy.”

Established in 2017, Costero Brokers provides property line-slip for habitational and commercial real estate and expanded its offerings to include cyber, professional and financial lines.

The company has recently acquired Prospect Insurance Brokers, which is focused on binding authority, open market and reinsurance business placed into Lloyd’s of London, Bermudan and London company markets.