Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance is offering free flight delay cash allowance extension with auto-claim service


Blue Cross introduces new travel insurance package. (Credit: Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians.)

Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited announces the launch of Travel Smart MultiTrip Insurance Package, which covers up to 5 trips and 7 days per trip, allowing customers to tailor-make their own multiple travel insurance at a modest premium. Blue Cross also launches an innovative Flight Delay Cash Allowance Extension with Auto-claim Service, as well as Chatbot BC Buddy, which handles travel insurance enquiries 24/7.

With market-first Travel Smart MultiTrip Insurance Package, customers can enjoy the same coverage as that in┬áTravel Smart’s single trip insurance, including the newly-added “Mobile Phone Extension” benefit, at a much lower premium. They can tailor-make their travel insurance package by choosing 3 to 5 trips and a coverage period of 5 or 7 days per trip according to their own annual travel plans. All these trips have to be registered and completed within one year after enrolment. For instance, if a customer plans to travel 3 times a year and each trip is within 5 days, he/she can save up to 55% on premium by enrolling in the Select Plan under Travel Smart MultiTrip Insurance Package compared with the single trip insurance in Travel Smart.

Flight delay is very common nowadays and inevitably causes disruptions to the journey. Blue Cross therefore launches an innovative free Flight Delay Cash Allowance Extension to provide extra convenience to the customers. Customers simply need to input their flight information via Blue Cross HK App at least 48 hours before departure. An Auto-claim Service will then be activated to track the real-time status of the registered flight. If the flight is delayed for 6 consecutive hours or more, a notification will be sent to the customer regardless of the cause of flight delay. After completing simple claim procedures, the customer will receive a cash allowance under the Travel Delay Benefit.

Meanwhile, Blue Cross has also launched a virtual assistant called Chatbot “BC Buddy”, which offers instant online customer service making use of artificial intelligence technology, giving immediate replies to travel insurance related enquiries anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Patrick Wan, Managing Director of Blue Cross, said, “To enhance customer service experience, Blue Cross keeps rolling out innovative products and digital services by embracing InsurTech in its operations. As we all know, Hong Kong people are very frequent travellers, with many of them taking several trips a year very often. Understanding their insurance needs, we therefore launch the Travel Smart MultiTrip Insurance Package, Flight Delay Cash Allowance Extension with Auto-claim Service as well as the Chatbot, bringing our customers easier, more convenient and higher quality travel insurance service and experience.”

Source: Company Press Release