Beazley's new insurance is designed for healthcare and technology specialists active in the digital health space


Beazley offers new medical insurance in Canada. (Credit: Unsplash/National Cancer Institute.)

UK specialist insurer Beazley has introduced Virtual Care to offer insurance protection against risks associated with technology-enabled healthcare in Canada.

The new insurance is also offered for lifestyle management services in the country.

It covers the modes of care that are supported by an array of IT tools, analytics, software, platforms and portals.

Beazley Virtual Care will be offered to a wide range of small and large organisations. It includes telehealth that enables remote diagnosis and monitoring by professionals and m-health, which allows self-monitoring of chronic conditions via apps and wearables.

The policy will also support a range of lifestyles and wellness technologies that support healthy lifestyle choices.

As per the Canadian Medical Association, seven in 10 Canadians are found to be interested in taking virtual appointment if available and over 70% would like to book appointments online.

Beazley also launches BioSecure in Canada

The company has also launched BioSecure in the Canadian market to provide protection against exposures in the pharma, biotech and medical device sectors

The policy is designed to meet the current and emerging needs of the life sciences sector, covering product liability, professional indemnity, general liability, clinical research services, medical malpractice, and clinical trials.

Beazley miscellaneous medical & life sciences global head Evan Smith said: “Advancements in technology are driving the evolution of healthcare provision as well as changing public attitudes around accessing care remotely and monitoring personal health and wellbeing.

“With this comes potential risks from the shortcomings of data or the health advice provided, or due to errors or malfunctions in the technologies themselves. Data privacy and security concerns are also top of mind for many providers.

“Beazley Virtual Care addresses the complexity of these risks by providing healthcare and tech specialists with seamless cover in one policy that avoids policy gaps and ensures that, should they arise, claims are efficiently managed by one dedicated team of Virtual Care claims specialists.”

In February, the insurer enhanced its Virtual Care insurance policy in the US to offer greater protection for the providers of technology-enabled healthcare and lifestyle management services.