UniCredit Bank has agreed to distribute life insurance and general insurance policies for Allianz-Tiriac through its unit network in Romania.


Image: Allianz partners with UniCredit Bank. Photo: Courtesy of IndypendenZ/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

UniCredit Bank clients will be able to purchase house insurance, health insurance and other types of general insurance as well as life insurance offered by Allianz-Tiriac.

Allianz-Ţiriac will offer insurance products to UniCredit Bank’s customers in one-stop shop via the bank’s extended branch network.

The new insurance products complement the banking products offered by UniCredit Bank and can be accessed easily by customers.

Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari CEO Virgil Soncutean said: “The insurance that Allianz-Tiriac offers to UniCredit Bank’s clients are able to solve various financial difficulties caused by unwanted events they may encounter at any time during the validity of the contracts.

“From catastrophic accidents, accidents or domestic dangers, burglary, disability, or surgery of the person who contracts the credit, all this is an event in people’s lives that balances the family budget. Allianz-Tiriac is with UniCredit Bank’s clients, protecting them from the things that matter and offering an additional reason for peace and financial comfort for them and their loved ones.”

‘Primera’, a product dedicated to home insurance, will be offered along with mortgage loans to save time and energy to secure property under warranty.

Primera will provide cover for fire, fire, explosion, flight, spacecraft and spacecraft, natural calamities and floods caused by pipeline water and includes a ‘72 hours’ clause to offer help in resolving the event, at the time of the insured risk.

Life insurance ‘GeniusProtect’ can address all the current account holders. This insurance product will offer financial support to the insured person and his or her family for unexpected situations anywhere in the world, including surgery, permanent total disability or death of the insured person.

The agreement is part of a wider partnership between Italy-based UniCredit and German insurance group Allianz in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which was announced at the starting of June 2018.