Troy Medicare, a licensed health insurance startup based in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced today that it has raised $5 million in funding to support the launch of its Medicare Advantage plan in North Carolina in 2019.


Image: Troy Medicare has raised $5m in funding to support the launch of its Medicare Advantage insurance plan. Photo: Courtesy of Capri23auto from Pixabay.

This financing will help accelerate the deployment of Troy’s solution which enables pharmacists to leverage each interaction with their patients to drive down the total cost of care.

Flaviu Simihaian, Troy Medicare’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are setting into motion a game-changing model of delivering care that lowers drug costs and drives better health outcomes for our seniors. Pharmacists are the most trusted and accessible healthcare providers, and Troy Medicare is the first health plan to utilize this unique relationship in order to lower the total cost of care. By providing chronic disease management, smoking cessation, and diabetes prevention programs, pharmacists have shown to reduce readmissions for complex care patients by 45%. Troy Medicare provides the technology, data, and business model to empower pharmacists to provide these clinical services for our members.”

Source: Company Press Release.