The new products enhance industry-leading portfolio; offer policyholders flexible allocation options


Entrance to Penn Mutual headquarters. (Credit: My Ken.)

Penn Mutual recently released two new universal life products, expanding on its comprehensive portfolio. The Accumulation Builder Flex Index Universal Life (IUL) and Diversified Advantage Variable Universal Life (VUL) products equip consumers with robust allocation options and propels Penn Mutual forward as a strong competitor in the market with an emphasis on new and unique indexed accounts.


The Accumulation Builder Flex IUL presents a tax-efficient, flexible death benefit solution that provides consumers strong upside potential with guaranteed downside protection, including a guarantee of at least 1% interest growth. The new product offers five diverse indexed account options – each with a variety of built-in guarantees – designed to perform uniquely across multiple market scenarios. In addition to providing an income-tax-free death benefit, the IUL also provides top-tier competitive cash value growth that consumers can access through loans or withdrawals at any time.

The Diversified Advantage VUL provides enhanced diversification and flexibility, allowing consumers to allocate to a host of varying investment options, including the addition of 2 unique indexed fixed accounts. In conjunction with the diverse suite of available sub-accounts, the indexed fixed accounts offer clients the ability to customize and align cash value growth potential with personal risk tolerance at different stages of life. This robust suite of allocation options allow consumers to generate strong market upside, while still providing protection and the flexibility to change allocations as risk tolerance evolves. The diversity of allocation options in the VUL offers stiff competition to similar products in the marketplace, as well as to emerging leveraged IUL products across the industry.

“By innovating these two products, we are providing our advisers with a suite of offerings that can help them better serve clients,” explained Heather Yonosh, VP, product development and pricing at Penn Mutual. “The needs of clients across different demographics and risk tolerances are constantly changing. It’s incumbent upon our business – and industry – to arm our adviser force with strategies that ultimately bolster a client’s financial objectives, can provide retirement planning benefits, and leave behind a legacy for future generations.”

Source: Company Press Release