During 2019, the company focused on reshaping its risk profile while enhancing its capital strength

Ohio National

Ohio National Financial Services has announced a 3% increase in statutory total adjusted capital and 6% increase in GAAP equity. (Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures)

Ohio National Financial Services today announced a 3% increase in statutory total adjusted capital and 6% increase in GAAP equity (including mark to market) reaching $1.14 and $2.6 billion, respectively, while assets under management grew by 3%. The announcement follows the completion of the first year of a new strategic direction built on the company’s core and historic strengths in life insurance coupled with its disability income (DI) insurance line.

During 2019, the company focused on reshaping its risk profile while enhancing its capital strength.

“This was a pivotal year for Ohio National as we embarked on a new strategy and continued our track record of impressive execution. With prolonged low interest rates, we were able to stay true to our mutual heritage and strengthen our position to continue to serve all our policyholders today and for generations to come. We improved our capital and risk profile, delivered a very competitive life insurance and DI product lineup and continued to demonstrate financial strength in one of the most challenging external environments in our history,” reported Gary T. “Doc” Huffman, chairman and chief executive officer, at today’s Board of Directors meeting. “I’m particularly proud of the way our team executed our strategy and stayed laser focused on our core values.”

Ohio National continues to serve the needs of all its policyholders, and in 2019 paid more than $1.2 billion1 in benefits to policyholders and beneficiaries and paid dividends to eligible policyholders for the 96th consecutive year.

The company also rolled out a number of product enhancements to add value to its policyholders in its life, DI and annuity lines of business. Additionally, it achieved record sales in its indexed universal life (IUL) and DI lines, while increasing recurring life premium by 7% and enhancing its customer experience for policyholders and financial professionals.

“We’re excited to now offer our customers end-to-end e-policy delivery for our term life insurance products and we are working on plans to roll this out to other products,” said Barbara A. Turner, CRCP, president and chief operating officer. “Our DI product has proven to complement the life insurance protection strategies for clients with 20% of DI policies sold in 2019 coming from combination sales.

“We continue to focus on addressing policyholders’ needs and helping our financial professionals best serve their customers through providing quality products, support and excellent execution,” Turner added. “We rolled out an updated whole life portfolio on the 2017 CSO table with a range of protection and cash accumulation features and a new 20-pay product design. We go into this second year of our strategy well positioned to grow and deliver on our promises to our policyholders and beneficiaries.”

Core to Ohio National’s Mission is providing the income protection products to serve its individual and business markets. These markets are reached through a network of independent financial professionals who value the company’s products, services and personal relationships. In 2019, the company added nearly 1,500 new financial professionals.

“We continue to make growing our sales force in numbers and diversity a priority in order to better serve the changing needs of our policyholders,” continued Turner. “We are especially proud that in 2019 our top individual life sales producer was Rebecca Walser of Walser Capital Group, the first woman to achieve Ohio National’s top sales position in our 110-year history.”

The company’s Latin American operations continue to serve the growing needs for protection products in these emerging markets. The Ohio National value proposition is attracting new independent intermediaries (financial professionals) in Peru and Chile and, through its joint venture, Centauro-ON, the builder agency model is gaining traction in Brazil.

Source: Company Press Release