Claimify, the industry-leading disability insurance technology solutions company, announced the launch of Claimify software, a first-of-its-kind advanced platform built to solve the pressing challenges that are common in the claims process.


Image: Claimify injects technology-based solutions into disability insurance workflows. Photo: Courtesy of Boskampi/Pixabay.

Claimify is designed for use by both insurers and claimants to streamline Benefit Validation, Settlement Facilitation, Digital Documentation and Social Security Disability processing as well as complement existing workflows and internal programs. Claimify’s integration of key customer interaction points is now packaged together, resulting in efficient and effective solutions that deliver clear oversight throughout the claim lifecycle.

“As the market evolution in the disability insurance space quickens, data analytics and insights will provide greater user experiences across all generations. As such, integrating technology into existing processes are all important concerns when evaluating business decisions,” said Brett Albren, CEO and co-founder. “Claimify is a revolutionary technology and managed service platform available to insurers, administrators, employers and claimants, enabling improved visibility, accurate metrics, pathway choice and a seamless user experience.”

Leading the development and launch of Claimify is the company’s team of industry veterans, including Seth Bostock, who joined the company as CTO after concluding a successful technology acquisition as CEO of a Boston-based software vendor. Cliff Jefferson, who now serves as president and chief operating officer for Claimify, recently held the position of vice president of global claims for MetLife where he was responsible for overseeing Long Term Disability, Life, Long Term Care and Specialized Large Disability accounts (STD, LTD and TAM). Mike Megna, vice president of business development and strategy, with a decade of experience in the Social Security Disability realm, has been leading the plan to bring Claimify to the industry as the team focuses on expanding the platform’s roadmap in 2019.

Source: Company Press Release