New retirement-savings product offers growth accumulation safeguarded from market volatility


Bankers Life offers new annuity insurance product. (Credit: Pixabay/Nattanan Kanchanaprat.)

Bankers Life, a national life and health insurance brand that focuses on the insurance needs of Americans who are near or in retirement, announced today its new Security Builder Indexed Annuity (Security Builder), an insurance product designed to earn interest and safeguard funds. This is the fourth indexed annuity product offered by Bankers Life.

“Faced with financial uncertainties caused by COVID-19 market volatility, many middle-income consumers are reviewing their finances and reconsidering preparations for the future,” said Scott Goldberg, president of the consumer division at CNO Financial Group. “Anyone nearing retirement should take a second look at their financial plan and consider insurance products that offer financial upside with downside protection.  Security Builder can safely accumulate savings and provide an ongoing income stream that is guaranteed for life.”

Security Builder’s benefits are designed for:

  • Higher returns
  • Tax-deferred earnings
  • Beneficiary-friendly money, making it easier to leave a legacy for loved ones or a favorite charity
  • Principal safety and access to funds

The account value of the annuity is linked, in part, to the S&P 500—all while protecting principal against downside stock market risk. If the S&P 500 experiences a loss, the annuity does not experience a corresponding drop in value, and that value is guaranteed never to decrease due to stock market declines.

Security Builder complements Bankers Life current fixed indexed annuity products, including the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity (GLIA), the Premium Bonus Indexed Annuity (PBIA), and the GrowthPoint Indexed Annuity. Bankers Life also offers various insurance and retirement solutions, which include Medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and supplemental health insurance, as well as investment solutions offered through Bankers Life Securities, Inc. and Bankers Life Advisory Services, Inc.

Security Builder is available in 49 states through Bankers Life exclusive insurance agents with issue ages from 18 to 85 for Qualified Funds and 0 to 85 for Non-Qualified Funds. Payout may be subject to withdrawal charges, which can vary by state.

Source: Company Press Release