Zurich Financial Services has announced the availability of the Zurich Green Guaranteed Account 2 that offers intermediaries and their clients a guaranteed account linked to the green business sector.

Zurich noted that investors will benefit from 100% of any growth in the RBS Green Index, which comprises the 30 companies that operate in the sector, including companies specializing in hydroelectricity, solar energy and wind energy.

The Zurich Green Guaranteed Account is open for investment until October 28, 2008, and includes an early bird bonus of 0.33% for applications received before September 29, 2008.

The minimum investment required for this new account is GBP2,500 and the maximum is GBP250,000. No withdrawals are allowed during term of the account. Maturity date for the account is October 31, 2013.

Paul Wright, director of investment management at Zurich Financial, said: The launch of the Zurich Green Guaranteed Account has generated a great deal of interest and positive feedback from advisers and their clients for alternative investment vehicles.