Zag has launched a new total loss auto buying program to help auto insurance companies increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, cut claims cycle times and reduce costs.

According to Zag, the total loss auto buying program is designed in conjunction with industry veterans to help total loss sufferers replace their car quickly and without the usual car buying hassle. The new program, which is delivered to policyholders and claimants through an insurer-branded website and toll-free number, is provided at no cost to insurers or program users.

The company will also unveil a strategic partnership with a key enabler in the auto claims industry that will further enhance the total loss auto buying program.

The company said that in order to communicate to policyholders and claimants, it has developed a tool called Fast Track. With the click of a button, claims representatives are able to introduce the program to a total loss sufferer to help them replace their vehicle through an efficient car buying program.

The new program provides policyholders and claimants with efficient prices and low price guarantee on all new cars and access to approximately 100,000 used vehicles. The program also includes new research tools, safety ratings, reviews, photos and videos to help program users with their selection.

Jason Nierman, director of total loss business development at Zag, said: Our product was built based on insight from Zag’s numerous insurance partners, as well as trusted third parties who support the industry. We are very excited to implement the program with leading carriers during the coming months.