UK finance firm Yorkshire Building Society has launched a new pension review service for its customers and members of the public, to help them maximize their income in retirement.

The bank, in association with its financial advisers, Legal & General, is offering a free, no obligation service to help individuals assess how their current pension arrangements are performing. The service is personalized based on individual circumstances, and will provide recommendations to ensure that pensions continue to meet individuals’ needs, both now and in the future.

The service is targeting those aged between 35 and 55 years, who have either worked at more than one company, have more than one pension fund, or are concerned about whether their pension will provide enough money when they retire.

Tanya Jackson, from Yorkshire Building Society, said: The new service we are providing is encouraging people to dust off their pension statements and to check out whether they are providing what they are expecting, and if not to do something before it’s too late. The service is free and will take only about an hour of their time – there is really nothing to lose and a wealthier retirement to gain.