WeatherBill, a US-based provider of weather insurance and risk management services, has unveiled a new portfolio of insurance products designed specifically to protect businesses from the extreme weather and the detrimental financial impact of climate change.

WeatherBill uses a technology-enhanced approach to automatically create customized weather insurance plans that reflect each policy holder’s unique needs to mitigate weather-related financial loss.

WeatherBill weather insurance plans, which include financial coverage against drought, heat, freeze, excess rainfall and snowfall, or any other measurable weather, can be quoted online and purchased through a network of nationwide commercial insurance agents.

WeatherBill said that all its policies pay out automatically based solely on measured weather conditions, requiring no claims process or loss adjustment, said the company.

WeatherBill allows businesses and agents to easily create a policy that reflects their location, weather risks and desired dates of coverage at its website.

WeatherBill added that it will enable businesses and public-sector entities to address a range of single- and multi-peril weather conditions.