United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania (USAC) is offering its LifeStyle Solutions(SM) (LSS) and LifeStyle Solutions Select(SM) (LSS Select) long-term care insurance plans to the individuals with more severe health conditions in the states of Iowa and Kentucky.

According to the company, the solutions further extend traditional underwriting guidelines and will also provide opportunity to receive coverage for those individuals, who have earlier been or would otherwise be denied long term care insurance.

The solutions are also available in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington, US.

United Security CEO Bill Neugroschel said most of the Americans have coverage for their lives, medical needs, houses and cars, but coverage for long term care costs is the last large unfunded liability.

"This is a major gap in our financial planning which long term care insurance like LifeStyle Solutions can address," Neugroschel added.

LSS and LSS Select, besides being tax-qualified, also feature a Service Program offering proactive wellness planning, consultation and referral resource to help policyholders access support and services, and care planning in case of intensive needs.

The services intends to help individuals suffering from extended health conditions live longer and stay independent.