Uni-Ter Underwriting Management, a provider of range of insurance, reinsurance, and alternative risk transfer solutions, has appointed Armando Vilches as the new vice president of marketing.

According to Uni-Ter, Mr Vilches will work in marketing and new business development for Lewis & Clark LTC RRG, a provider of liability insurance to long-term care facilities and nurses and Ponce de Leon LTC RRG, that writes liability insurance for long-term care facilities in Florida.

In addition, Mr Vilches will also work on new business development for JM Woodworth Risk Retention Group, a medical malpractice insurance writer in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Previously, Mr Vilches spent around 20 years with Willis Insurance Group and its subsidiary Stewart Smith.

Nadeene Wood-Clater, senior vice president of marketing at Uni-Ter, said: “Armando has an outstanding track record marketing and underwriting all lines of liability insurance. He will be a valuable addition to the Uni-Ter team as the company grows.”