To offer coverage for preventive care

UnitedHealthcare has introduced new dental coverage options for individuals and families in North Carolina. The new dental plans are available to consumers of all ages including Medicare recipients and children and do not require applicants to have any other insurance plans through Golden Rule or its affiliates.

According to UnitedHealthcare, its Golden Rule’s dental coverage features 100% coverage for preventive care. The Golden Rule also offers health insurance options for individuals and families, including lower-cost high deductible plans, health savings account plans and more traditional copay plans.

In addition, the Golden Rule offers short term health insurance in health insurance coverage for workers between jobs who find COBRA costly or who are not eligible for COBRA, new graduates looking for work, students dropping off their parents’ plans, new employees not yet covered by employer plans, early retirees awaiting Medicare eligibility and others whose lives are in a time of transition.

Rich Collins, CEO of Golden Rule, said: “Dental care is an important part of overall health and wellness, and in today’s economy, cost effectiveness and flexibility in securing needed coverage are essential. Given that trips to the dentist can be difficult to budget, our new coverage options will help individuals and families take better care of their health at a more affordable cost.”