To enhance a client's ability to make faster policy-development, underwriting and pricing decisions

Unirisx, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of insurance, has integrated ISO Rating Service into the Unirisx Policy Administration solution through an agreement with ISO.

The Unirisx clients will benefit from significant efficiencies through full and direct electronic delivery of the service, avoiding potential delays and errors using alternate solutions. Unirisx also becomes a member of ISO’s Preferred Partner program, which certifies full integration and the ability to offer the service to Unirisx clients.

David Hollander, CEO of Unirisx, said: The direct availability of ISO Rating Service through Unirisx’s web-based policy-administration platform further enhances a client’s ability to make faster policy-development, underwriting and pricing decisions. This agreement makes Unirisx even more attractive to North American insurers seeking real-time access to policy processing and management through Unirisx.

Kevin Thompson, senior vice president at ISO, said: We’re confident that Unirisx users will find easy access to the ISO Rating Service information and tools they need to make informed premium and risk decisions, he said. Making ISO Rating Service automatically accessible through premiere platforms such as Unirisx is a real benefit.

Unirisx is the low-cost provider of SaaS-based solutions to the insurance industry. The Unirisx policy solution gives insurers the ability to rapidly launch new products in new markets through new and existing distribution channels.

ISO Rating Service is an automated rate-management system featuring a powerful combination of advanced technology and product-management tools.