According to preliminary figures reported, the subsidiaries of the Uniqa Group in Poland have achieved a profit of E7 million in 2007, a growth of approximately 50% compared to 2006 profit.

The preliminary premium volume for 2007 lies at approximately E230 million, an increase of 16% over the previous year.

According to preliminary data, the strongest growth rates were seen in life insurance with an increase of 37% to E61 million. The main factor in this increase significantly exceeding the general market trend was the positive development of new sales channels, particularly in the area of bank assurance.

The premiums in the non-life sector increased by 10% to approximately E169 million.

Jaroslaw Parkot, CEO of the UNIQA companies in Poland, said: Dynamic sales growth on all levels, excellent products and strict profit controlling form the basis for the success that we would definitely like to continue in the current year with two digit growth once again.

The main goal for 2008 is the development of sales channels, as well. We focus both on inclusive sales cannel, brokers channel as well as cooperation development with Raiffeisen Bank Polska.