UK supermarket Tesco has stated that tests on its petrol supplies have not revealed any problems. The announcement comes after customer reports of contaminated fuel at UK supermarkets have been spreading like wildfire.

Several thousand motorists in the Southeast of England had reported problems with their vehicles after filling up at supermarket petrol stations. Drivers said that after filling their tanks at forecourts in the region, their vehicles suffered from reduced and intermittent power, spluttering and even breakdowns.

Initially, it was speculated that Tesco petrol stations in the area were the source of contaminated fuel. Many have suggested that the supermarket giant’s petrol supplies contained ethanol and were damaging engines.

Subsequently, the focus of the issue was widened to include other supermarket fuel retailers, leading to questions being raised about the petrol supply lines to the supermarket industry in general.

However, both Tesco and Morrisons have now reported that tests on their fuel have indicated no problems. In fact, according to the BBC, Tesco said it had also found no faulty fuel in the tanks of vehicles owned by a number of customers who complained of problems. Trading standards officials have launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, the Association of British Insurers has stated that motorists affected by the problem of contaminated petrol should be able to claim for the cost of accidental damage if they have a comprehensive motor insurance policy.