The UAE has enforced a new health insurance law, which enables employers to offer compulsory health insurance for every worker in the country.

It is expected that the new health insurance policy, which also covers employees’ spouses and children for as long as they live in the region, will come into effect next year.

The Dubai Health Authority said that the policy will be launched in phased manner by 2016 across the region, which will be strengthen health care coverage to its 2.2 million people.

Under the new scheme, the underwriter will have to obtain a special permit from the Health Authority in order to issue policies. In case of an emergency, the coverage will be extended to domestic staff, and visitors to Dubai.

Dubai Health Authority director general Essa Al Maidoor was quoted by The as saying, "Health insurance is a form of security and it is very important for every individual to know that if he needs access to health care it is easily available."

"The law is fundamental to ensure smooth delivery of basic health insurance to everyone living in the emirate, which roughly means more than 3 million people, including nationals and residents with Dubai visas," Maidoor told the news portal.

The Government will be accountable for insuring the UAE denizens.