QHMS, ParkwayHealth along with its administration unit, iXchange are using CIGNA Envoy

CIGNA has signed two medical groups in Hong Kong and Singapore for its CIGNA Envoy, a web portal for health care professionals. It provides doctors, hospitals, and clinics to serve patients to verify a patient’s coverage.

Quality HealthCare Medical Services (QHMS) of Hong Kong, along with ParkwayHealth and its administration unit, iXchange of Singapore, are the medical groups using CIGNA Envoy.

According to the company, CIGNA Envoy is expected to simplify access to care, providing health care professionals with coverage details and benefits to provide patient care. Through the website, doctors and hospitals can also provide payment information to patients at the time of service.

Benjamin Ng, customer service, QHMS, said: “Normally it takes time to call and obtain the patient’s information, but the new website will cut that waiting time down to three to five minutes. We can help patients quickly and check back whenever we need to.”