Portrait Software is providing a 1.3 million customer row license

TrygVesta, a general insurer with operations in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, has selected Portrait Software. The latter would provide an integrated suite of customer marketing software applications to run TrygVesta’s customer relationship programs.

Portrait Software is providing a 1.3 million customer row license, with the potential for an extension to cover up to 2 million rows for the combined products: Portrait Campaign Manager, Portrait Customer Analytics, and Portrait Uplift Optimiser.

Dorte Ransby, Vice President, TrygVesta, said: “Portrait Campaign Manager, combined with the integration of a sophisticated analytics capability, is an all-encompassing solution enabling us to plan and execute across multiple channels (email, telephone and web), and all from a trusted local supplier.”

TrygVesta in Norway has been using Portrait Campaign Manager since 1996 to manage the renewal process and run special campaigns, such as telemarketing campaigns to promote car insurance.