To contribute to marine industry and insurance broker market

Travelers, Lloyd’s marine syndicate has appointed Andrew Farrant as the new ports and terminals underwriter for Travelers Syndicate 5000, effective immediately.

Mr Farrant reports to Mark Clifford, manager of ports and terminals and marine professionals & logistics. He has 23 years of experience in marine insurance and most recently, he was the director of mutual manager, Thomas Miller Insurance Services and senior underwriter for the TT Club.

Mr Farrant’s role will span both ports and terminals underwritten at Travelers Syndicate 5000, and marine professionals and logistics underwritten by Travelers Underwriting Agency, formally known as Galatea Underwriting Agency which was acquired by Travelers in 2007.

Mark Clifford said: “Andrew has a tremendous amount of experience in marine underwriting making him a great addition to our team. His appointment enhances our position as a leading underwriter for ports, terminals, marine professionals and logistic operators reinforcing our commitment to the marine industry and insurance broker market.”

As a result of the syndicate’s growth, ports, terminals, marine professional and logistics, risks will be written from a new Travelers box (249) at Lloyd’s with effect from 14 September 2009.