Travelers has introduced new CyberFirst Essentials - Small Business coverage to offer small businesses insurance for common information breaches.

The new coverage will also help small businesses to safeguard against this rapidly growing risk.

Small Commercial executive vice president Marc Schmittlein said that the new Travelers’ cyber insurance coverage provides depth of protection for small businesses which may have exposures to sensitive information that can be compromised.

CyberFirst Essentials – Small Business insurance coverage includes protection against online hacking and data theft of confidential information such as credit card number, Social Security number and medical data, among others.

Additionally, the new coverage provides protection for accidental loss or sharing of personally-identifiable information regardless of whether that information was from electronic data or from physical paper records.

A part of Travelers MasterPac business owners policy, CyberFirst Essentials- Small Business can also include coverage for the costs associated with breach disclosure, credit monitoring services, resulting litigation and many more.