Towers Watson has introduced OneExchange to provide exchange-based health insurance options for private and public full- and part-time workers, and for all retirees on a single platform.

OneExchange enables employers to manage the coverage, quality and cost of private and public health plan choices for all workforce and retiree populations.

Towers Watson Exchange Solutions managing director Bryce Williams said, "They can use OneExchange to fund and oversee the quality and cost of their health care coverage with the counsel of a trusted and experienced advisor from a unified platform."

The new platform provides transition assistance for Medicare-eligible retirees moving to an exchange.

Additionally, OneExchange solution can connect challenging workforce segments such as pre-65 retirees and part-time, contract or seasonal workers to plans offered on public exchanges.

"To help guide them, Towers Watson’s OneExchange offers a powerful combination of health care strategy and exchange solutions expertise — no matter which path they choose," Williams added.

In addition to providing financial analysis, modelling tools and consulting, the solution will help employers decide whether to use private or public exchange solutions.