Research from Abbey Insurance has revealed that one-in-six Brits or about 7.4 million people, will stay at home on New Year's Eve this year as they are frightened to leave their home for fear of being burgled.

Indeed over three quarters of Brits told the insurer that they would fret about the safety of their home and its contents on New Year’s Eve and take precautions to deter potential burglars.

Abbey’s research also found that 23 million people made no attempt this year to hide the packaging that their Christmas presents came in when disposing of it, and as a result risked advertising the contents of their home to potential burglars after Christmas.

Anthony Frost, home insurance spokesperson at Abbey, said: Perhaps recent high profile burglaries, such as those of Liverpool footballers Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt, have served as a timely reminder as to what can happen to your home when burglars know you’re not in.