To further diversify its operations

The Wyncrest Group has announced that it has increased the number of sales representatives by 59%. The company’s wholly owned operating subsidiary, Southwest Financial Group, recruited an additional 50 agents from across the country to its sales force during the past month.

The additional agents raise the total number of agents Southwest Financial Group contracts to approximately 135 people. The agents were contracted in order to meet the growing demand from the market and to further diversify its operations.

The increased demand for insurance and financial products that help individuals and families protect them as well as save more for retirement in the current economic environment contributed to the need for a larger sales force.

Chris Zaal, president of Southwest Financial Group, said: Our group holds a competitive advantage in attracting talented professionals. The breadth of product offering and technology infrastructure available at Southwest Financial Group helps distinguish us and adds to shareholder value.

The Wyncrest Group is a company based in Chicago, Illinois, which provides insurance products and services through its Southwest Financial Group subsidiary.