Systema Software announced the recent addition of ten California public entities to its client base. These entities all selected SIMS Claims as their new claims management software.

Some of the entities include City of Sacrament, Tulare County, Stanislaus County, Fresno County, County of Madera, Mendocino County, San Mateo County Schools Insurance Group and County of Sonoma.

Jose Tribuzio, CEO of Systema Software, commented on the addition of these clients: "In the past year, many public entities grew tired of their legacy systems, which lacked a modern platform, contemporary claims-handling capabilities, and the flexibility to accommodate changing business needs.

"SIMS Claims represents the next-generation of claims management software. It has a proven track record of empowering public entities through its innovative design, enhanced system performance, and a robust set of features and functions to manage claims with increased power, speed, and intelligence."

SIMS Claims customers experience increased efficiency and productivity in their claims operation, as well as obtain additional value through a cloud-hosted option, asynchronous business rules for speed and performance, seamless integration with Microsoft Office, dashboard-driven processing, mobile claims capabilities, business intelligence tools, and advanced features such as Claims Summary and Plan of Action, which help examiners stay focused on tasks that truly impact claims’ costs and outcomes.

Systema Software provides flexible, comprehensive solutions and services to the insurance industry. SIMS Claims is an innovative, award-winning claims administration system, which is highly praised by clients and well recognized by industry experts as a leading claims solution.