Sword AgencyPort, a provider of web-based product distribution solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry, has released the latest version of interface solution AgencyConnect.

AgencyConnect processes inbound quote requests from multiple systems used by independent agencies including agency management systems and comparative rating systems.

The solution also transforms complex agency data formats into one stream of normalized ACORD XML and provides single sign-on capability and integrates with rating and other systems to enable a real-time, round trip experience for the agent.

AgencyConnect v4.1 includes various enhancements requested from the client base of 25 carriers and a new product feature called Control Tower.

Control Tower feature provides real-time analytics for agency interface providing carriers visibility into metrics that allow them to be immediately responsive to agent needs and proactively enhance the agent experience for new business rate, quote and bind.

The existing features of the AgencyConnect support the largest breadth of product lines of business, states, agency systems and features Interview, an easy to use web application which allows agents to correct any missing or invalid fields.

Sword AgencyPort Product Development VP Michael Albert said that the Control Tower provides carriers with insight into key performance indicators like activity by transaction type, source system, success ratios, data validation errors, and even system activity by time of day so that they can proactively ensure ongoing agent satisfaction.

Product and Market Strategy VP Mason Power said that upcoming AgencyConnect releases will add support for even more agency systems and enable interface with international data standards.