To streamline deal flow

ProspX, a developer of on-demand sales collaboration and automation solution for the commercial insurance industry, has announced that Stephens Insurance has selected the firm to improve sales management and to wire together insurance sales expertise across its network.

Gregory Meserole, senior vice president of Stephens Insurance, said: “We selected the ProspX platform because it allows our producers, account executives, and marketers to work smarter. With ProspX, we have solved the challenge of the complex, multi-party commercial insurance sales process by streamlining our internal and external collaboration. Additionally, we are now able to track communication and deal flow with our carrier partners, giving us the transparency we need to measure and manage our continuing success.”

The commercial insurance industry provides services for many customers worldwide. To improve the flow of business, ProspX has developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that combines enterprise social networking, search, and CRM technology. The outcome is a solution that automatically connects commercial insurance agents, brokers, and carriers at the initial point of opportunity, as well as throughout the sales cycle.

Todd Young, president and CEO of ProspX, said: “Our solution was specifically designed to help organizations such as Stephens improve productivity and efficiency. We are extremely pleased to add Stephens to our growing customer base as ProspX continues to enable insurance entities to grow and profit from connecting their users to information, experts, and each other.