Sprint and Walsh Wireless have launched a new usage-based insurance Walsh Wireless Data Logger, powered by Sprint 3G Mobile Broadband, to enable insurance companies enhance risk assessment process, reducing customer churn and claims received.

According to Sprint, the Walsh Data Logger provides users ability to wirelessly monitor in real-time the performance of a vehicle, its location and the driver’s driving pattern through an self-installed device.

In addition, the new solution can also benefit government entities and businesses that need to manage large fleets of vehicles.

Wayne Ward, vice president of emerging solutions at Sprint, said: “This is one of many excellent examples of how we work with various industries to radically change business models to drive more value for developers, customers and end-users.

“This is a great addition to our industry-leading portfolio of M2M embedded devices and we’re pleased to work with our long-time partner, Walsh Wireless, to bring another industry-first solution to the marketplace that leverages our dependable 3G mobile broadband network.”