Scottsdale Insurance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide, has appointed Randy Orr as vice president of legal, filling a an executive position within the company.

Mr Orr replaces Lindsey McCutchan, who is returning to Nationwide to assume responsibility for leading the specialty products legal team.

Mr Orr returns to Scottsdale after four years with the Nationwide Legal team in Ohio. He will oversee Scottsdale’s legal division, where he was previously vice president-legal and assistant secretary from 2001 to 2006.

Mr Orr has 30 years of legal experience beginning as an administrative hearing officer with the Industrial Commission of Ohio, and has held a variety of leadership positions within Nationwide’s legal department.

Mike Miller, president of Scottsdale Insurance, said: “Randy was a tremendous asset to Scottsdale Insurance during his previous time with us and we’re happy to welcome him back. We expect the same great strategic leadership Randy Orr has shown in the past.

“We will miss Lindsey, who facilitated several large corporate initiatives at Scottsdale in his last four years, including the building of the freedom specialty operation and acquisition of Veterinary Pet Insurance.”