UAE-based Salama-Islamic Arab Insurance has recently opened two new branches, as part of its expansion strategy to tap the Islamic insurance (Takaful) business across the region and beyond. With these new branches, Salama now has six branches in the Emirates.

Saleh Malaikah, vice chairman and CEO of Salama Group, said: The launch of these new branches is a major step towards accomplishing our vision to emerge as a dominant player in the regional Islamic insurance market.

We are also ramping up our presence significantly and will expand to eight branches by the end of 2010. We will continue to reinforce our leadership in meeting the diverse needs of our clients through a defined vision, Islamic insurance industry specialization and sustained results.

Rafiq Halani, general manager of general and health Takaful at Salama, said: Middle East is always a key market for our business and has been the starting point of an expanded footprint across the globe. With this latest expansion, we see a push to our brand equity to a wider audience, build-up of greater scale and a wider choice of our products closer to our customers. This expansion strategy ties-in with our long-term commitment to our existing and prospective customers.