Life insurance company Sagicor has reported net income of BBD136.7 million first nine months of 2007, compared to BBD106.5 million for the same period for 2006.

Net income attributable to shareholders totaled BBD100.4 million compared to BBD80.2 million. Earnings per common share totaled BBD37.6 cents compared to BBD30.1 cents for the previous year. The annualized return achieved on shareholders’ equity was 16%.

Group net income was BBD32.2 million for the first quarter, increasing to BBD40.3 million for the second quarter, and again increased to BBD64.3 million for the third quarter.

For the first nine months to September 30, 2007, total revenue amounted BBD1.05 billion compared to BBD949 million to September 2006, an overall growth of 11.6%. Pre-tax income amounted to BBD160.5 million, an increase of 26.2% over the corresponding amount in 2006.