Rockford Mutual Insurance has deployed content management and workflow products from Interactive Intelligence, which increased efficiencies and reduced costs in its claims department.

The Interactive Intelligence products purchased by Rockford Mutual are part of the company’s AcroSoft product line designed to support insurance processes by digitizing documents into electronic format for efficient access and routing.

Rockford Mutual Insurance was assisted with the installation by a ‘Live in Five’ Interactive Intelligence implementation and training program designed to provide the efficient return on investment.

In addition to providing specialized training, Interactive Intelligence helps to maintain development, sales, marketing, and support teams which are focused on providing IP communications and business process automation solutions for the insurance industry.

In addition, Rockford Mutual Insurance plans to expand its Interactive Intelligence deployment this year to support its underwriting department.

Rockford Mutual Insurance, vice president of claims at Roger Kaage, said: “The Interactive Intelligence content management and workflow products have helped us increase efficiencies by enabling us to more easily and quickly share information between our systems, while at the same time reducing errors by eliminating the need for rekeying.”