Reliance Trust Company, in conjunction with Investment Scorecard, a business unit of Informa Investment Solutions, and I Insurance Trust Monitor, has formed an alliance to address the growing needs of the trust owned life insurance market.

This alliance will work with trustees to ensure that they have access to the information, skills and services needed to manage life insurance policies, with a view toward their potential liability, while maintaining a strong relationship with the trust grantors. It will also ensure to administer trust owned life insurance (TOLI) polices while being provided with a non-biased review of the trust asset and the ‘upgrade’ opportunities that may be available in the marketplace and to exit the TOLI business due to a change in business model or available resources.

Ed Linsley, senior vice president and manager of personal trust at Reliance Trust, said: The trust owned life insurance marketplace presents a number of challenges. Life insurance itself is an increasingly complex financial vehicle and the volatile equity market and low interest rate environment of the last decade has created chaos in many life insurance portfolios.