To remove post-encoding check verification tasks, batch preparation workloads, resulting in reduced labour costs

Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation (SAAQ), Quebec’s government agency under the auspices of the Quebec’s Minister for Transport, has deployed Aperta’s Active Image Document Processing System (AiDPS), which incorporates Parascript’s CheckPlus International for Canada software.

The integrated solution allows SAAQ to remove post-encoding check verification tasks and batch preparation workloads, resulting in reduced labour costs. Additionally, with the read rates achieved by Parascript’s CheckPlus International software, SAAQ is able to further keep human intervention at a minimum.

Parascript’s CheckPlus International can process the entire stream of machine printed and handwritten Canadian checks in both French and English. The company’s CheckPlus International has been successfully implemented in Brazil, France, India, Italy, Portugal, among other markets.

Depending on country, CheckPlus International automatically locates and recognises amount fields, the payee line, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) line, checksum, among others and performs signature verification to help financial institutions prevent fraud.